run-y is the command to run Ylang script. It is a wrapper around the orxray Ylang subcommand, but is much easier to use


Usage: run-y [OPTIONS] [ylang file]

    -a, --agent integer                Agent ID. Specify the agent to run the ylang script.
    -e string                          Y language script. Only one of ylang file and -e option can be specified.
    -v, --verbose                      Print verbose informations.
    -q, --quiet                        Avoid print verbose informations.
    --print-job-uri                    Print the job URI after running the script.
    -p, --pid integer                  Target process ID. Specify the process ID to be analyzed by the ylang.
    -f, --file string                  Process file. Specify the path to the process file to be analyzed in ylang.
    -c, --command string               Command will be run and the process will be analyzed by ylang.
    --cmd-args string                  Specify the command args when you use command mode.


1. run Ylang script by -e option

You can execute a Ylang statement specified with the -e option.

$ run-y -e '_probe _begin { printf("Hello, world!\n"); _exit(); }'
Start tracing...
Hello, world!

2. run Ylang script by Ylang file

Prepare a Ylang script file.

$ cat hello.y
_probe _begin { printf("Hello, world!\n"); _exit(); }

And use run-y to execute the script.

$ run-y hello.y
Start tracing...
Hello, world!

3. run Ylang script on the specified agent, the default agent set in ~/.orxray/config

$ run-y hello.y -a 1294
Start tracing...
Hello, world!

4. run Ylang script and print verbose information

You can use -v option to print verbose information.

$ run-y hello.y -v
info: start to run job(4371497725) on the console side
info: job directory: 2021-12-08/07/job-4371497725
info: analyze the whole system
info: job runtime: stap
info: start to compile opslang in cli-tool-34539
info: sending the compiled opslang to agent
info: agent: start to run the tool: cli-tool-34539
info: agent: start to collect process build info
info: agent: build info hit the cache
info: agent: orxray_cli_tool_87441_XXXXXXX.ko hit the cache
info: agent: start to run the tool
info: agent: running tool cli-tool-34539 ...
Start tracing...
Hello, world!
real    0m0.382s
user    0m0.013s
sys     0m0.043s

5. run Ylang script and print job URI

Use –print-job-uri option to print job-uri after execute the script.

You can use this URI to view charts and task details

$ run-y hello.y --print-job-uri
Start tracing...
Hello, world!