Analyzer lj-alloc-stats


lj-alloc-stats - Statistics for LuaJIT’s builtin Allocator (Directly allocated memory blocks larger than 128K will not be counted)

Resource Category


Application Type & Technical Stack

  • OpenResty
  • Kong

Command Line Syntax

The analyzer can be invoked directly on the command-line via the orxray utility from the openresty-xray-cli software package.

Alternatively, the analyzer can also be invoked manually or automatically on the web console UI of OpenResty XRay (like on the Advanced web page).

# PID is the target process PID.
orxray analyzer run lj-alloc-stats -p PID

# trace a shell command directly
orxray analyzer run lj-alloc-stats -c SHELL_CMD

Tracing Multiple Processes

Not supported.

Output Formats

  • Histogram Bar Charts
  • Plain Texts


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