OpenResty XRay Analysis Report Upload

OpenResty XRay provides a convenient feature that allows users of the on-premise edition to upload analysis reports to the website. The uploaded reports are the results of the analyzer’s execution, and all uploaded data is desensitized and does not contain any business-sensitive information.

Automatic Uploading of Reports

Users can enable the Auto upload reports switch in the Insights screen. With this feature enabled, whenever an analysis report is generated, it will be automatically uploaded to the website for subsequent analysis by our team of experts.

Manual Uploading of Reports

If the user needs to upload a specific analysis report, they can do so manually using the upload button provided at the top of the report.

Expert Analysis Support

Once the report is uploaded, OpenResty Inc’s professionals can analyze the data in-depth. We provide customized analysis services for on-premise edition users and make specific optimization recommendations to help improve system performance and resolve issues. This service aims to ensure that users can fully utilize the potential of OpenResty XRay.