Application Rule Form

Here’s the custom rules configurations for the website.

We can add even more rules by clicking on the New Rule button.

We can add an action, for example, to do a redirect.

For redirect you can specify a target URL,

or some custom URL arguments,

or even a different scheme, default to the current request scheme.

And also, you can change the host target,

and also the status code for the direction.

And also we can do some rate limiting for the current request.

You can specify a rate limiting key by limiting client IP addresses or URI or some other things.

You can also specify a traffic shaping target like we want to limit the traffic request rate at 10 requests per second per server. If the client sends the requests faster than this threshold we will delay them and make the request processing rate match this threshold.

If the client sends the requests too fast, we can also specify a hard limit like 100 requests per second, then in this case the excessive client requests will be rejected by returning a 503 error page.

And we can also make these actions conditional by configuring a condition

or several conditions together.