Install OpenResty Edge Log Server container

1. Preparation

The following documents/information need to be prepared before installation:

  • Configuration package: openresty-edge-VERSION.tar.gz, download from Download Center.
  • Your Edge Admin’s IP, corresponding to ADMIN_HOST below.
  • Your DB’s IP, port and password, corresponding to DB_HOST, DB_PORT and DB_PASSWORD below.
  • Image Address, corresponding to DOCKER_IMAGE below.
  • Registry username and password: REGISTRY_USERNAME and REGISTRY_PASSWORD

2. Download Image

  • Login Registry
sudo docker login --username=REGISTRY_USERNAME
# enter password: REGISTRY_PASSWORD
  • Download Image
docker pull DOCKER_IMAGE

# example
docker pull

3. Run Container

  • Create a new folder to be mounted in the container: custom/

  • Copy openresty-edge-VERSION.tar.gz to custom/

  • Generate the configuration file for Edge Log Server: custom/config.ini

Please replace DB_HOST, DB_PORT, DB_PASSWORD and ADMIN_HOST with their actual contents.

# NOTICE: please feel free to edit these configurations if necessary.
# Both [postgresql] section and [admin] section need to be configured below.


# the host to connect to, default:
host = "DB_HOST"

# the port to connect to, default:
port = "DB_PORT"

# password for authentication, default:
password = 'DB_PASSWORD'

# enable ssl, default:
ssl = false

# abort the connection if the server does not support SSL connections, default:
ssl_required = false

# NOTICE: we hard code the database: or_edge_log_server and the user: or_edge_log_server
# please contact us when you want to change them.


# admin host, default:
host = "ADMIN_HOST"

  • Run Container

Suppose the absolute path to custom/ is /root/custom/.

docker run -d -p 12346:12346 --name openresty-edge-log-server -v /root/custom/:/usr/local/oredge-log-server/custom/ DOCKER_IMAGE

# example:
docker run -d -p 12346:12346 --name openresty-edge-log-server -v /root/custom/:/usr/local/oredge-log-server/custom/
  • If an error occurs, the container can be stopped and deleted using the following command:
docker stop openresty-edge-log-server
docker rm openresty-edge-log-server

Now, the installation of the OpenResty Edge Log Server container is complete.