MAC addresses of some nodes have been changed

Cause of failure

If you are using a version of OpenResty Edge equal to or higher than 22.12.1-29, please refer to this document: ‘This is a new node’ appears in the error log

This message may be caused by adding or removing a network interface, or by using docker to add a virtual network interface.

Impact of failure

Since Edge Node uses MAC address to generate the node ID, a change in MAC address will cause the node ID to change. When the node ID changes, the node will be dropped from the next reload, restart, or binary upgrade and become a new node again, which may cause a service outage.


Node in normal service

  • Do not modify the [Global Config] - this may cause the node to perform a binary upgrade.

  • Migrate traffic from this node to other nodes.

    • If you are using OpenResty Edge’s DNS to manage traffic, you can do the following.
      • Go to the OpenResty Edge console.

      • Enter the [Gateway Clusters] page.

      • [Edit] The cluster where the node is located.

      • Modify the node’s [status] to [Disable DNS, disable caching cluster].

      • [Save]

      • Wait until the node no longer has traffic or only a small amount of traffic. This can be determined by viewing the access logs at

          tail -f /usr/local/oredge-node/logs/access.log
  • Delete the node to make it a new candidate node.

  • Approve the candidate node to join the cluster, replacing the original node.

Node is out of service

  • At this point, you should see a new candidate node in the [Gateway Clusters] - [Node Candidates] page.
  • Approve this node to join the cluster, replacing the original node.
  • Delete the original node.