LMDB Size Change and Backup Recovery

Cause of failure

The required size of the configuration is larger than the size configured by LMDB. The current default size has been changed to 8 GB and this issue is not normally encountered.

Impact of failure

Configuration synchronization is no longer possible.


LMDB Size Change

  • Modify the nginx.conf configuration
lua_config_map_size     4096m;

Change the size to the desired value, e.g. 8192m (8GB).

  • Modify the config.ini configuration
lmdb_size = 4096m

Change the size to the desired value, e.g. 8192m (8GB).

  • Delete the old LMDB file
rm -f /usr/local/oredge-node/data/config.lmdb/*
  • Restart OpenResty Edge Node
systemctl restart oredge-node
  • Check if the configuration is in effect
ls -lh /usr/local/oredge-node/data/config.lmdb

When you see the size change to the configured size (e.g. 8GB), the configuration is in effect.

LMDB Backup

  • Enter the [Gateway Cluster] page and click [Backup and Restore].

  • Make a backup

Just wait for it to finish.

LMDB Recovery

  • Execute on the OpenResty Edge Node
sudo bash /usr/local/oredge-node/bin/restore_lmdb.sh