Limit SSL Handshake Rate

This is the application’s SSL configuration page where the SSL certificate can be uploaded to the website to secure web communications.

Configure SSL Handshake Rate to guard against attacks from malicious traffic.

The default setting for SSL handshake rate limiting is Disabled, so choose Enable if needed.

Here, the key word can only be the client-side IP address, with no other choices available yet.

The two rate limiting parameters below are similar to those in Limit Request Rate.

  1. Adjust Rate: Requests with a lower rate will not encounter any restriction; requests with a rate higher than this level but lower than the Reject Rate level will experience delayed execution;

  2. Reject Rate: Requests with a higher rate will be rejected, with 503 HTTP status code directly returned to the terminal.

Both parameters have the default unit of Request Per Second, but Request Per Minute is also optional.

If the two parameters have the same value, requests exceeding the set value will be rejected directly, without any delay for buffer.

Click the Save button on the bottom right-hand side, and the rule will be set successfully.