Mlcache Purge

Asynchronously purge resources cached in the specified name mlcache based on the prefix. Asynchronous means that the purge operation will be performed only when a mlcache get-like operation occurs for the old cache resources that meet the conditions (new cache resources that are created after the purge will not be purge repeatedly).

We can find the entry for the Mlcache Purge Jobs in the Global Config page.

Create Mlcache Purge Job

To avoid the accumulation of purge tasks, each purge task has a time to live. After the expiration date, the cleanup task will be invalidated. So it is recommended to set the time to live to the maximum time to live of the cache resource itself.

As shown in the capture, click Create to add a new purge job.

We can also see all the purge jobs that are in effect (expired purges that will be purged periodically).