Staging Gateway Node

A routine procedure following changes to an application is called a staging release. The changes first work in a certain staging gateway nodes,

and then the changed application will be released to other clusters provided that the application is confirmed to be working well after monitored running for a period of time.

Then, how to realize staging release in Edge? First, you need to specify the Staging Gateway Nodes.

Click to enter the Gateway Clusters page which lists all gateway clusters have existed:

We click on the name of a gateway cluster to see more detailed information about the gateway nodes in the gateway cluster.

Click on the edit button of a gateway node

There is a Staging node switch which is off by default. You can release the new configuration changes to this staging node first in the application release page when you enable it.

You will see that the node in the list has an additional label: Staging after you click the save button.

Back to the application release page:

You can choose to release it to the Staging gateway nodes only. This is how staging release to be done.