Gateway Clusters

A newly installed edge node can join only after obtaining confirmation on the console page by the administrator.

First, click to enter the Gateway Clusters page which lists the existing gateway clusters:

Click to enter the gateway cluster named qa first:

This page will display edge nodes already joining the cluster:

First, delete one of the nodes:

Then, return back to the Gateway Clusters page, and two noticeable changes will show:

  1. In the Gateway Clusters of the top navigation bar, the +1 mark indicates that there is a new candidate edge node that has yet to be approved by the administrator;

  2. One more machine, i.e. the one just deleted from qa, is added to the Candidate Nodes;

Information about the candidate node, such as machine name, operating system, intranet IP, and mac address, is listed to help the administrator identify the corresponding machine.

The administrator can choose to approve or reject the joining of this new node. Here, select Approve:

First, select which cluster the node will join. Here, still select qa:

Then, click the Approve button:

Now, this node has joined the qa cluster. Open the cluster to verify: