App Certificate

SSL certificate helps protect data sent between the website and the user from being read and modified by third parties.

On the SSL page of the application, you can choose to grant the application a global certificate,

or click the New Certificate button to create a solo SSL certificate for it.

Here is how to grant a global certificate.

First, add a new Global Certificate. For instance, if the domain name of the application is, you can choose * as the global certificate from the Certificate drop-down list.

A certificate must have an inclusion relationship with the domain name of the application, otherwise, the certificate verification will fail.

Here is how to create a new certificate for the application.

Click the New Certificate button.

There are two methods to upload the private key of the SSL certificate and server certificate,

  1. Manually upload existing SSL private key and server certificate;

  2. Generate the certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt online;

Let’s Encrypt certificate will be separately explained later,

The first method means directly uploading files or pasting contents from the files.

To upload the Server Certificate, the CA authentication chain and server certificate included can be uploaded separately or put together in the Server Certificate.

Click the Save button at the bottom right-hand corner after uploading the certificate, and the system will verify the private key of the certificate and the server certificate,

If the format is correct and the two match, they will be successfully saved. If not, an error prompt will pop up.

With the uploaded certificate successfully saved, the page will jump back to the certificate list where information about the certificate can be seen.