New Application

In Edge products, each application has a unique domain name, so before creating an application, you need to make sure that its domain name has not been added to avoid error reporting.

For example, search for the domain name you want to add:

If this domain name already exists, delete it and then continue to add.

Click the New Application button and a page pops up for inputting app information:

On the bottom of the application, there are two special options:

  1. Load SSL certificate with IP address (No SNI server_name).

    If the SSL repository of a client side is old, the TLS handshake protocol initiated by it may not have SNI (Server Name Indication).

    Because no HTTP data has been initiated in this stage except handshake, it would be impossible to know which application the user is accessing without SNI, and accordingly, the corresponding SSL certificate cannot be loaded.

    Tick this option to allow the IP address to be used for selecting to load the corresponding SSL certificate when a client side has an old SSL repository. When this option is enabled, one IP address can only correspond to one SSL certificate, just a stopgap for maximum compatibility with old client sides.

  2. Load application with IP address (No Host request header, not supporting HTTPS).

    If some client sides fail to send HTTP requests according to the domain name, that is, HTTP request headers contain no Host information, you can tick this option to allow the IP address to be used for loading an application.

    If your client side is controllable, you’d better use the new SSL repository and standard HTTP protocol as the above two options are just a stopgap, not best practice.