API Token

API Token provides a way to access the Openresty Edge Admin API without account and password.

Click {username} - API Tokens in the top right corner to enter the API Token management interface.


  • Name:the name of the API Token.
  • Expiration Time:when not selected means never expires.

Note that the API Token created will only be displayed once and will not be available for subsequent viewing, so you need to save it yourself.


Set the HTTP request header: API-Token: {token}, such as API-Token: 1df87165-3593-4eca-a910-9ac200012345.

curl Example:

curl "https://admin-host/admin-api/global/1/ngx/?detail=1" -H "API-Token: 1df87165-3593-4eca-a910-9ac20005e6ec" -k