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# Create app-ip-list

This command can create an app-ip-list in an application.

# usage

Usage: oredge app-ip-list create [http] [OPTIONS]

    --name string                      name.
    --ip string                        ip, can add multiple times.
    --http string                      http id

    --show-api                         print restful api request.
    --json                             print json format.
    --config                           specify config file, default is ~/.oredge/config.

--http "http id"

Specify to which http application the app-ip-list is created.

You can specify it in two method

    oredge app-ip-list create 1


    oredge app-ip-list create --http 1

--name "app-ip-list name"

the name of the app-ip-list, this args is required.

--ip "xx.xx.xx.xx"

add the ip in the ip list. you can add multiple times.

# example

  1. create an app-ip-list in an application.
# oredge app-ip-list create 1032 --name "test" --ip ""
ID: 1032-31