# Staging Cluster

A routine procedure following changes to an application is called a staging release. The changes first work in a certain staging cluster,

and then the changed application will be released to other clusters provided that the application is confirmed to be working well after monitored running for a period of time.

Then, how to realize staging release in Edge? First, you need to create a Staging Cluster.

Click to enter the Gateway Clusters page which lists all gateway clusters have existed:

Create a gateway cluster named staging-cluster:

The page in the figure below shows a Staging Cluster switch disabled by default. Enable and set it as staging cluster:

Return to the Gateway Cluster page, where you can see the cluster group named staging-cluster in the list has a label: Staging Node.

When releasing a changed application, you can choose to release it to the newly created Staging Cluster. And this is how staging release is done.