# 1. DNS access log format

Example: 1616140331576: [2021-03-19 15:52:11] ( A www.openresty.com [US] [California] [Verizon] [A:]

Format: Unix_timestamp: [local_time] remote_addr (client_subnet) DNS_query_type host [client_country] [client_province] [client_isp] [DNS_record]

# 2. Error log format

Note that all error logs are in the same format

Example: 2021/03/19 16:30:56 [error] 3393524#3393524: *934186 stream [lua] dns.lua:29: go(): rewrite phase failed: nil, udp client:, server:

Format: local_time [log_level] Process_id#Thread_id *Connection_id Module_name [language] file_name:line_number: function_name(): log_body, protocol client_address, server_address