OpenResty DDos Usage

1. Configure OpenResty Edge API Address and Token

You need to configure your OpenResty Edge’s API address and token in your OpenResty DDos Console. These information can be found in your OpenResty Edge’s control panel. OpenResty DDos platform will use these information to communicate with your OpenResty Edge and synchronize configuration information.

1.1 Global configuration

In the OpenResty DDos Console, click your username in the top right corner of the page, and select “Global Configuration” from the dropdown menu.

OpenResty DDos™ Global Configuration

1.2 Configure OpenResty Edge

In the “Global Configuration” page, fill in your OpenResty Edge’s API address and token.

The API endpoint is the address of your OpenResty Edge, for example The token is the API token of your OpenResty Edge.

The “Periodic Update” option allows OpenResty DDos™ Agent to periodically update configuration information from OpenResty DDos™ Console.

The “SSL Verify” option allows OpenResty DDos™ Agent to verify the SSL certificate of OpenResty Edge. If it is a private certificate, you can turn off this option.

OpenResty DDos™ Global Configuration

2. Configure OpenResty DDos™ Agent

You need to install OpenResty DDos™ Agent on your OpenResty Edge server. If you have not installed OpenResty DDos™ Agent yet, please refer to OpenResty DDos™ Installation and Upgrade.

2.1 Enable OpenResty DDos™ Protection

Open the OpenResty DDos Console page, select the corresponding DDos Agent from the dropdown menu. On the right sidebar, select the “Anti-DDos” tab.

OpenResty DDos™ Protection

2.2 Configure OpenResty DDos™ Protection

In the “Anti-DDos” page, you can configure OpenResty DDos™ protection rules. Click the “Auto Protection” switch to enable automatic protection. This will use the configuration information of OpenResty Edge to automatically protect your server.

You can configure the threshold of “Auto Protection”. When the request frequency exceeds this threshold, OpenResty DDos™ will automatically block these requests.

OpenResty DDos™ Protection